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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2006|01:06 pm]
hi all i am asis, am 42 and living as frugal as a person can. i only get 543 in cash and get 64 in food stamps. i actuayl live of fof it.. am wondering how frugal the rest of you all are as well.these are my bills so far
350 rent includes all bills
76 phone-roomate ran up bills so now i am paying for it
25 cable
17 internet
25 personal items each month
no car i walk every where and no bus line whatsoever...
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on the cheap :) [Sep. 20th, 2005|05:22 pm]

I see this community hasn't been doing much talking, but I signed up before I realized that ... Maybe we can all chat! :)

I am beginning to brainstorm money-saving tricks/lifestyle choices I could start doing to save us some money while we're not pulling much in. (Not that we ever pulled that much in, believe me - things just suddenly seem a lot tighter...)

My husband and I moved so he could begin an internship, and I haven't been able to find a job yet.

This is what I have so far:
*Stop using credit cards (well, unless major emergerncy occurs)
*Do whatever odd job I can find
*Stop impulse buys like soda, magazines, etc at checkout
*Continue to buy store brands
*Clip coupons??? (where can I get some? anyone know sites?)
*Use what I already have on my shelf
*Less movie renting?

What are some good ideas that help you pinch pennies? I don't buy all organic food, but I do like to give pref to whole/organic foods, so prices tend to be a lil steeper. And living in a small town, that is true in general. I don't really want to compromise too much on that... but I am open to other suggestions on how to do things with less pocketbook strain.

Help please?

Thank you,

X-posted to my journal laurakain
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(no subject) [Feb. 15th, 2005|10:43 pm]

[music |the hold steady--killer parties]

somehow, in spite of our impending tax refund, we are skint again. i know it's not wise to budget around our tax refund, but some things are unavoidable, and so we're catching up on bills and doing some urgent car repairs and much needed home repairs and now there's nearly nothing left for groceries, so we're doing that dollar stretch once again. eating well is important to us, so we're trying to come up with healthy meals that taste great and are easy on the wallet. it seems like all we ever eat is oatmeal, beans and rice, pasta and soup, but none of us are complaining because everything is satisfying and delicious. we could certainly benefit from some more interesting fresh produce than what we've been eating, but squashes and greens and root vegetables and bananas are all seasonally available cheap and organic. here's what we've been eating lately--

crock pot oatmeal with dried cranberries or raisins, walnuts and cinnamon
breakfast "rice pudding" with coconut, cardamom and pistachios
"pumpkin" pancakes (made with butternut squash)
peanut butter and jam on homemade bread
hummus and falafel with mini pita
pasta fagoli
lentil soup
roasted squash soup with sage brown butter
roasted potato and garlic soup
tuscan white bean soup
black bean burgers with cumin oven fries
lentil dal burgers with apricot chutney
pasta with white beans and sundried tomatoes and olives
carrot cake, applesauce cake, oatmeal cookies, apples, bananas, popcorn and coconut/oatmeal/jam bars as desserts/treats

we haven't been grocery shopping in two weeks and we need to restock our larder ASAP, and sometimes i'd like a meal that required a little more "chewing" (soup doesn't require much...) but i think we've been doing really well. we bought dried fruit, peanut butter, jam, sundried tomatoes, and nuts at trader joes, and olives, coconut, beans and grains from the bulk bins. our pantry is pretty much bare right now, no more chips or crackers or cereal bars fruit leathers or treats of any kind, so i'll be heading out for some grocery shopping on thursday, and i want to be inspired by you frugaluxers--what are y'all eating these days? what are your favorite recipes when money's tight, but you won't compromise taste? what pantry essentials are worth splurging on when you're feeling flush? what is your "ace in the hole" cheap but tasty meal? inspire me, even if it's with another soup recipe!

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frugal suggestions? [Nov. 9th, 2004|02:59 pm]

[mood |curiouscurious]

hi all! i'm brand spanking new to the community -- it was recommended to me by the lovely themowingdevil after i posted the following to my private journal...any thoughts you have would be much appreciated!

how do you all -- in small and large ways -- cut expenses/save money on bills, groceries, etc etc? what are your money-saving secrets?

over the past couple of days i've come to realize that my husband and i really only fight about one thing with regularity, and that is money. i know, i know -- boring, typical. but i have yet to understand how it is that with him making the salary he does, and with me micro-managing our finances as i do, we get down to scraping the bottom of our checking account every two weeks. i've approached a lot of our monthly bills and cut where i can -- changing cell phone companies, for example, cut about $35 off our monthly bill -- and even paid off our one car loan so that we actually own both our cars free and clear, and no longer have a monthly car payment. and yet despite all this it seems our money disappears with alarming rapidity. we're on a budget, we have allowances....yet we (ahem cough) seem to have a problem sticking to it.

the upside to all of this is that beyond school loans/mortgage, we have no debt, credit card or otherwise.

so anyway, i guess i'm looking for some secret magical thing you do beyond the obvious (see above)... don't worry, i won't hold my breath.

relatedly: how the fuck do people survive with $500K mortgages and shit (standard for the DC metro area)? when i think of how we wrestle with our finances with a decent salary and modest mortgage, my mind reels to think of what these people are doing to make ends meet...
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Frugaluxury is... [Oct. 29th, 2004|09:39 am]

... a hot cup of coffee while the oddly warm wind blusters around our place.

... the smell of chicken stock on the stove, made from bones saved up in the freezer.

... two really nice skeins of yarn from a friend. I can't wait to knit 'em up!

... polar fleece pajamas found at the thrift store for $1.50.

... piles and piles of CDs from friends in Sweden.

... great series/documentaries on DVD at the library.

... NYT delivered a couple days late via a friend who lets us have them when she's done.

... a clean bathroom sink. Dusted shelves. Swept and vaccuumed floors.

... sturdy canvas shopping bags.

... green and orange ceramic owl from the 60s... 25 cents!

... a freshly-painted-with-freecycled-paint front door -- deep orangey-yellow!

... friends for dinner on Halloween -- BYOB.

How about you?
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(no subject) [Sep. 30th, 2004|08:54 pm]

So I know it's a bit early to start planning for Christmas... but I would like to start getting or making awesome, chic AND cheap gifts for my family and friends. Any ideas? I am semi-crafty but can't really sew, and I am just dreading buying things for the men in my life (husband, dad, uncles, brother-in-law, etc).
So... ideas? Pretty please?
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(no subject) [Aug. 28th, 2004|01:05 pm]

Whelp I’m still trying to figure out what to do next year. I think I’ve figured it out though. I think what I’m going to do is spend the rest of this year paying off school loans and paying off my car. All told I could save about 700 additional a month. Granted I wont be making any more money next year but I’ll be profiting more from my paychecks which is the whole point anyway.

I guess the next thing I should work on after that is finding some land that I can buy with cash. Then the grubstake. And then, I can live like a hermit until the world becomes sane again.
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hi! [Jul. 8th, 2004|05:25 pm]

if you're into reuse, a great website to look for stuff and list your own is


they're enviro minded and try to link the stuff up to charities, or individuals--you can decide who to give it to.
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soymilkmaker [May. 23rd, 2004|08:15 am]
[mood |awake]
[music |rainer maria - look now look again]

Ok. For the longest time I've wanted a soymilkmaker. I drink quite a bit of soymilk, and prefer unsweetened soymilk, which around here runs $1.79/qt.

I drink protein shakes for breakfast, and calculated I could easily drink a gallon of soymilk per week. At the cost of the soymilkmaker, plus soybeans, I figure I start saving money after about 14 weeks.

Has anyone else used one of these? How reliable are they? It seems like a really smart investment, but I hear nothing about it.
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diy protein bars [May. 12th, 2004|08:30 am]
[mood |distracted]
[music |talking heads - more songs about buildings and food]

Does anyone here make their own protein / energy bars?

I've been making variations on this recipe:http://vegweb.com/food/snacks/4431.shtml

I have quite a few food allergies, and many of the bars in the stores contain ingredients I am allergic to. Plus they are expensive.
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