Maximum Living on Minimum Funds

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This community is for people who believe in living as well as possible on an infinitesmal budget.

We're groovy people with good taste, experienced palates, and appreciation for Good Things -- just not a lot of money. We believe in working hard and rewarding ourselves with thought and grace and humor, not with stuff we don't really need. The word here is understated.

Here's what Frugaluxe isn't: it's not a place for dryer lint-savers to congregate, nor is it a place for misers to cast aspersions on others who have less money. Some of us are flat-ass broke. Some of us are trying to get spending under control. Some of us have been frugaluxes for years. Nothing here is a contest. The "more-frugal-than-thou" stuff has no place here. It's also not a place for spamming members with details about your home business, or your friend's home business, or how you made $x in x weeks, or whatever. Just... don't, OK?

Frugaluxe tips, garage sale scores, thrifting finds, ebay successes -- all those topics are welcome here. Any posts referring to or bragging about illegal activity like shoplifting or other forms of stealing will not be tolerated. Offending posts will be removed immediately. Discussing stuff like barter, garage sales, or other small-scale (and basically legal!) under-the-table ways of acquiring goods and services (and money!) is fine.

Also, the point here is living well on practically nothing. We realize that "living well" is subjective and can be interpreted in a lot of ways. Please be sensitive to peoples' differing income levels. We don't encourage debt to achieve one's frugaluxe (or just plain luxe) ideals, which unfortunately has happened to some of us... just to eat, sometimes. Offering unsolicited financial advice isn't recommended.

Oh, and remember: one person's beloved fancy coffee is another person's waste of money. Be respectful, please, of people and their preferences. They may feel the same way about your organic cat food. :)

Food (buying and making), living spaces, arts and crafts, inspirations. What does living well mean to you?